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This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Abebooks coupon) and Crown Point Designs

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Keyboard Shortcuts in Google Apps (& Gmail)

Google Apps and Gmail keyboard shortcutsMac user? pdf linked here contains both PC and Mac keyboard shortcuts

Staff Favorites

From Message List
? : Show list of all keyboard shortcuts
e : Archive
m : Ignore conversation
! : Report as spam
# : Delete
r : Reply
<Shift> + r : Reply in a new window
a : Reply all


Compose & Chat

<Shift> + <Esc> : Focus main window
<Esc> : Focus latest chat or compose
<Ctrl> + . : Advance to next chat or compose
<Ctrl> + , : Advance to previous chat or compose
<Ctrl> + <Enter> : Send
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + c : Add cc recipients
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + b : Add bcc recipients
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + f : Access custom from
<Ctrl> + k : Insert a link


Text Formatting

<Ctrl> + b : Bold
<Ctrl> + i : Italics
<Ctrl> + u : Underline
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + 7 : Numbered list
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + 8 : Bulleted list
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + 9 : Quote
<Ctrl> + [ : Indent less
<Ctrl> + ] : Indent more
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + l : Align left
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + e : Align center
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + r : Align right


g then i : Go to Inbox
g then s : Go to Starred conversations
g then t : Go to Sent messages
g then d : Go to Drafts
g then a : Go to All mail
g then c : Go to Contacts
g then k : Go to Tasks
g then l : Go to Label

Threadlist Selection

* then a : Select all conversations
* then n : Deselect all conversations
* then r : Select read conversations
* then u : Select unread conversations
* then s : Select starred conversations
* then t : Select unstarred conversations
u : Back to threadlist
k / j : Newer/older conversation
o or <Enter> : Open conversation; collapse/expand conversation
p / n : Read previous/next message
` : Go to next inbox section
~ : Go to previous inbox section
c : Compose
d : Compose in a tab (new compose only)
/ : Search mail
q : Search chat contacts
. : Open “more actions” menu
v : Open “move to” menu
l : Open “label as” menu
? : Open keyboard shortcut help
, : Move focus to toolbar
x : Select conversation
s : Rotate superstar
y : Remove label
e : Archive
m : Ignore conversation
! : Report as spam
# : Delete
r : Reply
<Shift> + r : Reply in a new window
a : Reply all
<Shift> + a : Reply all in a new window
f : Forward
<Shift> + f : Forward in a new window
<Shift> + n : Update conversation
] / [ : Remove conversation from current view and go previous/next
} / { : Archive conversation and go previous/next
z : Undo last action
<Shift> + i : Mark as read
<Shift> + u : Mark as unread
_ : Mark unread from the selected message
+ or = : Mark as important
- : Mark as not important
g then p : Make a phone call
<Shift> + t : Add conversation to Tasks

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Video Graffiti Art

Graffiti ArtAfter attending the La Jolla Festival or Art this weekend to see the latest works from our friend, Kevin Winger with Mod-Est Gallery, I came across this unrelated video that was the most abstract form of street art I have seen in some time. I have always loved street art and seen so much creativity come out of this genre. This video is unique and utilizes what Einstein considered the 4th dimention… Time. With video projecting onto the wall, the artist reveals the  canvas of the video. Awesome!

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2012 San Diego Fair is Now Open

San Diego Fair Open NowOur buddies at Chicken Charlie’s are at it again. This year their new fair items include deep fried PB&J and deep fried cereal. The cereal is either Trix or Captain Crunch. These guys keep us entertained and coming back to the SD fair every year. Last year we LOVED their deep fried Koolade!! Be sure to check out their new trailer this year as well called Pineapple Express, which includes deep fried pineapple and deep fried spam among other tasty treats. Check out their website for more info –

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“Crown Point Design did a great job for us! We will be back.”

eastcascadeCrown Point Design recently received a 5-star review from Larry with East Cascade Products. The review says:

When they completed the site the next step of getting it up, running, and working correctly was next, and it went very smooth, they had everything thought of in advance and prepared. Crown Point Design has such an easy and logical process to determine and dial in exactly what we wanted to say on our website that we are already preparing to have them do another.

Read the full review on CitySearch.
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500 People in 100 Seconds

Creativity with DesignWhile taking a look around for some frames I stumbled across this video. At CPD  we talk about creativity and seeing things that nobody else has done. To me, this was both. I am sure there was a lot of effort to stitch this all together and sync it just right and at the end of the day it was probably for zero profit, but it currently has over 1.5 million views and gave people like me a smile. Happy to share it with anyone that may stumble upon this blog like I did to the video.

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CPD Selects Just In Time for Foster Youth as First Kaizen Project Recipient

Earlier this year, we announced a new Crown Point Design program called the Kaizen Project. It’s a program that offers non-profit organizations the opportunity to receive a complete online makeover at no cost.

Now, we’re happy to announce that we’ve selected San Diego non-profit Just In Time for Foster Youth as our 2012 Kaizen recipient. This organization provides transitioning foster youth with opportunities for self-sufficiency through emergency support, essential resources, and caring personal guidance. JIT is currently the only volunteer-driven non-profit organization in San Diego that functions as an extended family for youth who have aged out of the foster care system.

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CPD Announces Program For Non-Profits To Receive a Free Website & Year Of Support

The Kaizen ProjectCrown Point Design is committed to giving back to our community. That’s why we’ve created the Kaizen Project, a program to help deserving non-profits deliver their mission through website design, graphics, and Internet marketing, all provided free of cost for one full year. “Kaizen” means improvement or change for the better, and refers to the Japanese philosophy of continuous advancement over time.

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How To Embed * Files on Your Website or Blog

Embed PSD Files on Your Web PageEver wonder why noone has invented a way to have a pdf or a word doc easily embeded in the body of a web page or blog?If you answered yes then Google has made your compatibility dreams have come true with an old, but relitively unknown service called “Google Docs Viewer”. Google Docs Viewer allows you easily view or EMBED many file types right in your browser (without any add-ons). Compatible file types include PDFs, Microsoft Office files, and many kinds of images. You can directly access the Google Docs Viewer at
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Google Analytics Adds More Value to ROI Tracking

Google Analytics adds enhancementsAt Crown Point Design, we highly recommend Google Analytics be installed on your website. Google recently announced that they have updated several areas of their free service including user interface enhancements, real-time reporting, flow visualization, multi-channel funnels, and mobile reporting. These enhancements help organizations to further analyze their online performance and return on investments. CPD can easily install this great service for you and help you break down your website traffic into understandable data to help make important marketing decisions.

This video shoes how the new multi-channel funnels features can work for you. (best suited for e-commerce websites)

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